1 Feb 2014

Queen Street Jacket for Littlefee

The Queen Street Jacket is knit seamlessly, from the top down, in fingering weight yarn. No sewing up is required! The jacket fastens with sew-on snaps. There are no buttonholes, so you can decide when you are finished knitting the number and size of decorative buttons you would like on your jacket.

The jacket will fit Littlefee ball jointed dolls. It may also fit other “YOSD” sized dolls, but it has only been tested on Littlefee. Because the jacket is knit from the top down, it is easy to change the body and sleeve length to fit your particular doll.

The pattern for the Queen Street Jacket can be found at Ravelry and Etsy.


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Queen Street Jacket - Knitting Pattern for Littlefee Version 1 of new sweater/jacket knitting design for Littlefee Kit!  Your hat!  Your mittens!  You will catch pneumonia!

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