4 May 2016

May the 4th Be With You

Aunt Pam is babysitting and she brought over the Star Wars movie on VHS and a box of C-3P0's cereal. Fun times!

May the 4th Be With You

25 Apr 2016

Introductions - Ripley and Cleo

We have a couple new kids on the block who haven't been introduced.  The first is Ripley (named by my daughter), an Adori by Haru Casting.  She has been here about a month, and is patiently waiting for faceups (weather is not yet permitting), but her 2 adorable faces are sweet as can be, even blank!

Getting Ready for School

Getting Ready for School

What is this strange place you have brought me to?!

And just yesterday, Cleo arrived to wish me a happy birthday! She is a Dollsbe "Be With You" Amond.

Cleo in New Spampy Duds

I think these 2 are going to have lots of adventures together!

Cool kids and best friends!

Ripley and Cleo are both wearing versions of the "Toronto Island Hoodie", a knitting pattern I plan to release later this week.

4 Mar 2016

Story Time. Starring Penny and Jones.

This is Penny, Jones's little sister.  She is a Lati White Mystic Bayer head on a Pukipuki body.  Her adorable jammies were made by Jen, over at Spampy.

Jones's Little Sister

Story time is at 7:00.  It is now 7:06.  Penny is not fond of waiting.


7:09.  Still waiting.

7:09.  Still waiting.

7:13.  Penny takes matters into her own hands.

7:13.  Penny Takes Matters into her Own Hands.

Penny:  You are late.  You were supposed to read Horton to me 13 minutes ago.

Jones:  I'm busy.

Penny:  If you don't read to me right now I'm telling Mom that you were playing Pac-Man when you were supposed to be studying for your french test.

Jones:  You are very devious for 4.

Penny:  You have not even begun to understand the extent of my powers.

7:20.  Jones Hears a Who.

7:20.  Jones Hears a Who.

Jones:  "Because, after all, a person's a person, no matter how small."

Penny:  That's right!  And that is why I should not have to wait an extra 13 minutes for my story!

21 Feb 2016

Cabbagetown Jacket (New Knitting Pattern for American Girl, Maplelea and Other 18" Play Dolls)

I recently released a new jacket pattern for 18" dolls. Even dolls need to stay warm in this cold weather!

The Cabbagetown Jacket is knit seamlessly, from the top down, in sport weight yarn. No sewing up is required! Knit a classic jacket in a solid or heathered colour or use a self-patterning yarn for a different, fun look. The jacket buttons up the front with working buttons and buttonholes. The collar and body of the jacket are knit back and forth, and the sleeves are knit in the round. The jacket will fit 18”-19” soft body play dolls. The jackets in the pattern are shown on American Girl and Maplelea dolls. Because the jacket is knit from the top down, it is easy to change the body and sleeve length to fit your particular doll.

The solid colour jacket in the picture was knit with Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Sport and the variegated version was knit with ONline Supersocke 6-Ply. The pattern is available in my Ravelry, Etsy and Craftsy shops.

The pattern for the Cabbagetown Jacket is available on RavelryCraftsy and Etsy.

If you decide to knit the Cabbagetown Jacket, I would love to see your version!

Cabbagetown Jacket Knitting Pattern Cabbagetown Jacket knitting pattern for 18" Dolls Cabbagetown Jacket knitting pattern for 18" Dolls

11 Feb 2016

New Girl at School

Henry just transfered to Jones's school. She passed him in the hall on her way to lunch and he really wanted to say "hi" to her, but then he dropped his stuff all over the floor.  Oh, Jones.

New Girl at School

23 Jan 2016

Henry Makes Herself at Home

Henry has been with us a couple of weeks and is starting to make herself at home.  I knit her a cozy sweater and she has started to put up some posters and unpack her National Geographic collection.  I think my favourite think about collecting dolls is figuring out their personalities and making all their stuff.

A Quiet Day for Henry

8 Jan 2016

Djeco Dollhouse Families and Furniture (Review)

Jaybird has a Lundby dollhouse that she really loves, but we don't have any of the Lundby furniture or doll sets to go with it. It is mostly furnished with Calico Critters furniture, which is a bit off-scale, but it's not too bad.  Jaybird is not really a fan of the Lundby people, so I was very excited to find these Djeco dollhouse families, which are basically the same scale as Lundby (in the 1:16 to 1:18 range).  We purchased 2 of the families for her birthday in November.

The "Milo et Lila" family is definitely our favourite:

But I was so taken by the hipster-looking dad of the "Gaspard et Romy" family that I got them too.  Unfortunately, the daughter looks a bit mean and the mother looks like a Stepford wife.  She actually spends most of her time lying down under one of the beds in the Lundby, as Jaybird thinks she looks like she is about to crack under the pressures of modern life.  The little boy is quite cute.

It is actually nice having the two families, as they can be mixed together.  Here is a photo in the Lundby house.  The table and chair set is also from the Djeco dollhouse range and I love the modern look.  The dolls are jointed at the knees, which is great for posing.  The fridge and counter in this scene are Calico Critters (Sylvania Families), and you can see they are a bit small, but not horrible.

I wasn't able to find the Djeco dollhouse families or furniture in North America, so I ordered from "Avenue des Jeux" in France.  The order came quite quickly.

If you are bothered by the cartoony look of the Gaspard et Romy family, Djeco also has the "Tomas et Marion" family, which is done in a style similar to the Milo et Lila family.

Here are a couple more photos of the Djeco dolls.  The motorcycle/sidecar and bicycle are both Calico Critters.  I am very happy we found these little dolls for our Lundby!