4 Mar 2016

Story Time. Starring Penny and Jones.

This is Penny, Jones's little sister.  She is a Lati White Mystic Bayer head on a Pukipuki body.  Her adorable jammies were made by Jen, over at Spampy.

Jones's Little Sister

Story time is at 7:00.  It is now 7:06.  Penny is not fond of waiting.


7:09.  Still waiting.

7:09.  Still waiting.

7:13.  Penny takes matters into her own hands.

7:13.  Penny Takes Matters into her Own Hands.

Penny:  You are late.  You were supposed to read Horton to me 13 minutes ago.

Jones:  I'm busy.

Penny:  If you don't read to me right now I'm telling Mom that you were playing Pac-Man when you were supposed to be studying for your french test.

Jones:  You are very devious for 4.

Penny:  You have not even begun to understand the extent of my powers.

7:20.  Jones Hears a Who.

7:20.  Jones Hears a Who.

Jones:  "Because, after all, a person's a person, no matter how small."

Penny:  That's right!  And that is why I should not have to wait an extra 13 minutes for my story!


  1. Love it <3 These two are such a great pair, love both their characters <3

  2. Aww Kristin, the characters you have given your dolls are wonderful and so childlike, I love them and what a great photo story. It really made me smile, thank you. :)