24 Aug 2015

We have Blythe!

I have been very negligent about keeping up my blog over the summer!  There are quite a few new pictures over on my Flickr though.  But the big news is that I now have a Blythe doll!  Well, actually, I have 2.  Because the first one needed a friend.  I have been generally aware of Blythe for several years, but never caught the bug.  A couple of months ago I started reading about customizing them, and decided I really wanted to try it.

My 2 dolls are Takara Blythes "Country Summer" and "Zinochika".  Country Summer came first and is named "Lottie".  Zinochika is named "Riley".  I see them as about 8 years old.

Both doll have had their faces sanded, carved and repainted.  I also gave Lottie a pretty extensive haircut.  Both have had their original bodies replaced by Azone Pure Neemo XS bodies, which have more articulation than stock bodies and look more like little girls.

Here is Lottie's "Before and After" picture.

Country Summer Before and After

And here she is meeting Woody.  She finds the tiny cowboy's enthusiasm a tad off-putting!

Lottie finds the tiny cowboy's enthusiasm a tad off-putting.

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