28 Aug 2015

Lottie Makes a Friend. Sort of.

Lottie:  Hi, I'm Lottie Crew!  Who are you?   Dorothy?

Riley:  My name is not Dorothy.  It is Riley O'Reilly.

Lottie:  You know, your dog looks like a slinky.

Riley:  You know, your chicken looks dead.

Lottie:  (long pause) Riley O'Reilly is kind of a weird name.

Riley:  At least is doesn't rhyme with "snotty".

Lottie Makes a Friend.  Sort of.

Lottie Crew may enjoy Trix and a good mystery story, but Riley O'Reilly prefers historical fiction and Puffed Wheat.

Riley's Summer Reading

Lottie Plans Her Next Move:

OK, Wubba.  She has been sitting there all day reading "Little House in the Prairie" and eating Puffed Wheat.  I think we should go ask her if she wants to play.

Lottie Plans Her Next Move.

Lottie Tries Again:

Lottie:  Hi Riley O'Reilly.  Want some Trix?

Riley:  I don't eat sugary cereal.  That stuff will kill you.

Lottie:  Oh.  Want to play "Spy Girl"?

Riley:  I'm not really into "Spy Girl".  I'm more into "Pioneer Girl".

Lottie:  Oh.  Well, you could go fetch water from the river and I could keep watch from the tree with my binoculars!

Riley:  OK.  But Lottie, don't get eaten by a mountain lion before I get back.

Lottie Tries Again.

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